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Room Rentals

Meeting rooms at our literary arts center are available to rent upon request 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm. 

Members may rent meeting rooms for FREE for any writing-related meeting; otherwise 50% off the rental price. Monthly coworking packages include a free rental hour.

A Place to Meet in Providence

Phone Booth 1

Capacity: 1

Phone Booth 2

Capacity: 1


Capacity: 4


Capacity: 6

*Email for rates and availability


Capacity: 15

*Email for rates and availability


Capacity: 25/40

*Email for rates and availability

As always, it is our mission to provide our Members with community, connection and creative space. LitArts RI Members can also use our Zoom account (unlimited minutes) for free for any online writing group, meeting or class in service of content creation. Contact us to reserve.

For help on how to book space, view the FAQ here.
For the most current updates regarding available offerings, you can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us @litartsri on social media.
100% of room rental income goes to support LitArts RI's nonprofit activities benefiting local makers of the written, spoken and illustrated word. 
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