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LitArts RI is a work space and a community space. Our brand new center at 400 Harris Ave, in the Valley District of Providence, will also hold showcases, writing groups, workshops, and events.

Plus, there are still plenty of ways to get involved from home: from online events and a Slack message board to hybrid practicums and local writing groups on Zoom.

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Slack Info
Join the community on Slack, a messaging platform where Members share resources, online events, writing prompts and more. Slack uses the term "channels" to organize different topics of conversation, as well as direct messages. Please keep discussions positive and inspiring! 

Members can contact Staff for access to Slack, which can be accessed on the web, on your desktop or laptop, or on your mobile phone. Here's a handy guide to setting up your account.
Writing Groups

Writing Groups

Looking for supportive feedback from like-minded writers? Join one of the local writing groups meeting over Zoom or at our center in Providence. Each group is organized around a genre or interest area and has its own cadence and structure. Writing groups are for ages 18+. Please review our guidelines before signing up. Details on current Writing Groups here.
Current Writing Groups

Current Writing Groups

Accountability Writers Group
2nd Thurs of each month at 5:30pm at LitArts RI, 4th Thurs of each month at 5:30pm at The Parlour

From the Facilitator: The Accountability Writers Group is open to anyone working on a single project in any genre (i.e. novel, collection of poems, screenplay, etc.) who struggles to stay motivated without a deadline and someone (gently) holding them accountable to it. We will meet monthly to share our progress and set new goals for the next meeting.


Diverse Voices of Rhode Island

Saturdays at 11am, weekly online
From the Facilitator: Diverse Voices of RI mainly critiques Fiction, Short fiction, Non-Fiction (including personal essays and memoir), and plays. Poetry may also be considered. And we foster the development of short/micro fiction through 25-minute writing sessions.

Expressive Writing Group
Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9am, biweekly online
From the Facilitator: Expressive writing is a tool that can help us release, process, and resolve our thoughts, emotions and experiences.  This group provides us the space to connect, inspire and grow with each other throughout our expressive writing journey.  

The Horror Writers Group
Saturdays at 2pm, weekly online

From the Facilitator: The Horror Writers Group gets together for critique, discussion, and improvement of one's own horror stories, as well as free-for-all conversation on the genre. 

Nonfiction-For-All Writers Group


From the Facilitator: The Nonfiction-For-All Writers Group is for those are working through nonfiction pieces of all shapes and sizes! Beginners in nonfiction as well as tried-and-true nonfiction writers are all welcome. Writers may submit essays, chapters of longer nonfiction works, portions of memoir, or any form (poetry included!) which has a focus on real issues past and present. They must submit their works (maximum 8,000 words) the week before we meet so we can organize and review three to four works in our time together. We welcome all who would like to dedicate their time to review their work together and improve their writing as individuals and as a group of caring, respectful colleagues.

Novel Writers Group

Last Sunday of the month at 3pm, monthly online
From the Facilitator: The Novel Writers Group is open to writers of all experience levels working on a novel. Writers can submit chapters, elicit support when managing difficult stretches of their work, and find general comradery on the novel writing process.  

Queer Writers Group

Last Monday of the month at 7pm, monthly online
From the Facilitator: The Queer Writers Group is open to all LGBTQ+ writers working in any genre. We are an accountability group (currently, we do not workshop) who meets on a monthly basis to check in with each other about our creative and literary pursuits over the past four weeks. Our goal is to foster a space for queer writers to discuss any and all aspects of the writing process: including talking shop about publishing, locating writing resources for queer writers, discussing books, and holding space for LGBTQ+ creatives in the greater Providence area. We also have an active, private Slack channel where we can keep in touch between monthly meetings.

Rhode Island Theatre Think Tank

Third Thursday of the month at 6pm, monthly at LitArts RI
From the Facilitators: Theatre makers of all disciplines: playwrights, composers, actors, designers, and technicians are invited to meet once a month as a Theatre Think Tank to put our collective heads together. Our mission is to create a network that supports the work of local playwrights, to develop the means and methods of getting plays produced. There will be opportunities to have play readings and provide feedback; listen to guest speakers; meet actors; and learn about opportunities, venues, and the technical aspects of theatre. We will discuss how to overcome our collective obstacles together to strengthen our practice of making theatre, and bring the Rhode Island theatrical community closer together.

SciFi/Fantasy Writing Group

Sundays at 12:30pm, weekly online

From the Facilitator: The SciFi/Fantasy Writing Group is a small gang of active writers of varying ages, levels and publishing experience. We operate across a variety of subgenres and bring a diverse range of imaginative ideas to the table. We have Warsies, Trekkies, Whovians, furries, vampire lovers, history buffs, otaku, scientists... all sorts, all playing nicely together. Anyone is welcome, as long as what you’re writing falls under the generous umbrella(s) of science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction. It is a safe space and critique is constructive. Submission is optional, and you are welcome to give feedback even if you do not submit. We try to keep it fun for all!

Screenwriters' Group

Last Thursday of the month at 6:30pm, monthly at LitArts RI

From the Facilitator: We will get together and help all writers get their scripts to be filmed. All levels of experience of the writer and stage that the script is in are welcome. We will also talk about films and the business. Other disciplines who wish to join us are welcome as well.

Writing Group Guidelines

These times are revealing the shape of our can look many ways across different mediums."

Program Director Jodie Vinson
in Motif Magazine

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